We do Canadian and foreign passport photos, as well as photos for all types of applications that meet government or corporation specifications!
Click the “Specifications” button below to see passport photo government requirements.

Note to parents:

Prior to coming, please make sure that your child is rested and fed. Try to dress the child with colour clothing, this way the shoulders will stand out in the picture instead of blending with the white background.
If your child is an infant and cannot sit by itself, make sure that it is dressed in a shirt or sweater that will allow you to place your hand in support of the child’s head and back. Please be aware that usually these pictures can take much longer than those of older children. For infant pictures, we ask that you make an appointment.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your child’s picture. Tel: 386-5821

2 photos $30.00 + HST (Price is for a baby up to 2 year old)
2 photos $26.09 + HST (Price is for 2-5 years old child)
2 photos $17.39 + HST (5 years and up)

2 Visa and foreign country ID photos $21.74 + HST

2 Permanent Residence / Immigration $21.74 + HST

2 Extra photos or digital file $10 + HST

Passport, Visa and Firearm Photos


Once we have taken your photo it only takes a short amount of time to process and get you on your way.*

*Average time for adult passport photos.

No appointment is necessary, just make sure that we are open.
For working hours, click this link.


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