Reasons for magnetic business cards:

A primary reason to use magnetic business cards is the way they stand out against other business cards. A magnet is different from any other form of advertisement consumers might receive, drawing the extra few seconds your slogan might need to create interest.

Another benefit of printing magnetic business cards is their usefulness in an office setting. Your business clients probably have metal file cabinets or desk drawers. These provide the perfect place for your magnetic card to stay in sight instead of going in a business card organizer or contact file. Even if office workers don’t consciously look at your business card daily, the subconscious placement could be enough to make you their vendor of choice when they need your products.

Using magnetic business cards is also a smart strategy when you offer menus or coupon flyers to customers. If you provide a magnet, there’s a good chance your customers will use it to hold your literature to the refrigerator. Once the coupons expire, your magnetic business card will probably retain its place on the refrigerator, making your phone number easy to find when they’re ready to place a new order.

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